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At Knoxville Footcare in Knoxville, TN, we often treat patients struggling with peripheral neuropathy. This is a condition where the nerves in the feet or legs are damaged and is often seen in patients with diabetes. This is because the higher glucose levels destroy the nerve fibers, resulting in diabetic neuropathy. Your experienced staff at Knoxville Footcare is here to help you. If you’re struggling to control your diabetic neuropathy symptoms, reach out to our office today. 

The biggest indicators of diabetic neuropathy are numbness, tingling, and severe pain. Because you can’t properly feel your feet, complications arise. It’s common for patients to develop bunions, corns, calluses, and swelling. Diabetic foot ulcers may even develop, since you are unable to tell if your foot is rubbing against your shoes and irritating your feet. Daily foot care is of the utmost importance. Check your feet daily for any developing sores. 

Your comfort and concerns are extremely important to us. Your appointment begins with a review of your medical history. Be forthcoming with any relevant information about your diabetes and care. From there, we perform a physical examination. Diabetic nerve damage is diagnosed in a few different ways: we’ll test your muscle strength and tone, sensitivity, and tendon reflexes. Treatment is easily developed afterward, focusing on pain management and treating any resulting cuts, abrasions, or ulcers. We recommend investing in new and proper footwear. Buy shoes that fit properly, provide support, and don’t rub against your feet.

Your trusted staff at Knoxville Footcare is highly skilled in treating diabetic neuropathy and are happy to address any questions or concerns that come up. Knoxville Footcare is located at 1932 Alcoa Highway, Bldg C Suite 480, in Knoxville, TN 37920. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit or call 480-832-5777.

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