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Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain

If you suffer a sharp pain in your foot most mornings, you’re not alone. Plantar fasciitis is not only one of the most common causes of foot pain, it’s one of the most common sources of pain in general. Ignoring it may cause the pain to get worse, but attempting to compensate for it by changing how you walk could cause problems in other places. At Knoxville Footcare, we regularly diagnose and treat plantar fasciitis, and we want our patients to know to be on the lookout for it.

The plantar fascia is one of the many bands of connective tissue throughout the body. It runs on the bottom of the foot, stretching from the heel to the beginnings of the toes. Repeated stress can cause it to develop small tears, leading to its inflammation, and the inflamed condition is what we refer to as “plantar fasciitis.” Usually, plantar fasciitis will cause worse pain after you’ve been at rest or in motion for a long time, but won’t be as much of a problem while you’re moving. It is typically felt near the heel.

The bottom of the foot may be clearly inflamed, but we would still want to perform some tests to rule out other conditions that could cause similar symptoms. People are especially at-risk for developing plantar fasciitis if they subject their feet to a lot of force through a sport such as running, or if they are overweight or have foot structural abnormalities, such as fallen arches or heel spurs. Non-invasive treatments for plantar fasciitis include therapeutic stretches and the use of customized shoe inserts. We may also provide anti-inflammatory injections and recommend that patients ensure they are engaging in diverse work-outs that won’t overburden their lower limbs.

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