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  • Preventing Stress Fractures
    Are you a soccer or basketball player? Did you know that stress fractures are common in sports with constant running? The repetitive activity can cause a small crack or Read more
  • Morton’s Neuroma
    Have you ever removed your shoe because you thought you were standing on a pebble or your sock needed readjusting? But when you went to check, nothing was out Read more
  • Common Toe Deformities
    Our feet withstand a lot: they hold up the full weight of our bodies and propel us forward from place to place. It’s important that we take care of Read more
  • Xerosis
    Dry skin is common, especially in old age and during the cold months. No matter how common, though, steps should still be taken to replenish moisture in your skin. Read more
  • Preventing Hammertoes
    Hammertoes aren’t pleasant and the name for this foot condition doesn’t help its cause. Without knowing what hammertoes are, one might picture a literal hammer smooshing the toes back into Read more
  • Do You Have Bunions?
    Many people assume that older individuals are more prone to bunions when in actuality, people of all ages and at any fitness level can develop them. Though, this foot condition Read more
  • Pediatric Foot Care
    When you think of infant and childcare, their feet probably don’t come to mind first. Why would pediatric foot care be important when you have to think about all Read more

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