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Diabetes and Foot Care

Foot care with diabetes can be tricky. For people with diabetes, even the smallest blister can grow into something serious like an amputation. At Knoxville Footcare in Knoxville, TN, Drs. Kelly Bumpus and Danielle Malin specialize in diabetic foot care. If you have diabetes, here’s everything you need to know about proper footcare to stay safe.

Diabetes and Your Feet

People with diabetes can’t process glucose properly. With consistently high levels of blood glucose in the body, many diabetic patients are prone to reduced sensation in their feet and damage to the nervous system. 

How to Take Care of Your Feet

Drs.  Bumpus and Malin of Knoxville, TN advise their diabetic patients to maintain their blood glucose levels to stay healthy. But at the same time, one should practice proper foot care to prevent any injuries. Here are three tips to keep in mind when it comes to your feet when you have diabetes.

Proper Shoes:

When looking for proper shoes, always opt for comfort first. Ditch the heels, flip flops, and anything else that doesn’t give good ankle support. Athletic shoes or comfort shoes are one of the best shoes to wear. 

Toenail Care:

Your toenails need some special attention too! Make sure to moisturize your nails, especially during the winter months. Dry weather leads to cracked skin, heel fissures, and chilblains. Trimming your nails regularly, enjoying foot baths, applying cuticle oil and lotion to your toes every night, and airing out your feet at home are just a few tips for healthy foot care.

Examine Your Feet:

Make sure to examine your feet for any new injuries or blisters, whether it’s before bed or after taking off your shoes. Catching an injury earlier is better than waiting. This is another reason why regular visits to our office, Knoxville Footcare are important if you have diabetes. Your Knoxville, TN podiatrists will perform thorough examinations and suggest helpful tips like special footwear and massage to protect your feet. 

Knoxville Footcare is located at 1932 Alcoa Highway Building C, Suite 480, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37920. Visit Drs. Kelly Bumpus and Danielle Malin at Knoxville Footcare or call 865-632-5700. 

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